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Medals in Groups

A - Gallantry Awards & Decorations    
(1) Seven: Maj Clarence Lloyd McGowan, MBE, ED, (MiD), Gen List, late RCA, comprising: 
    (a) MBE, 2nd type, military, unmarked as issued; (b) 1939-45 Star, unnamed as issued; (c) France & Germany Star, unnamed as issued; (d) Defence Medal, Cdn issue, unnamed as issued; (e) CVSM, w/ overseas bar, unnamed as issued; (f) 1939-45 War Medal, Cdn issue, unnamed as issued, w/ MiD oakleaf (unusual brooch pin type); (g) Efficiency Decoration, GRI, w/ CANADA suspender, Major C.L. McGowan, MBE. Medals are mounted as worn, deeply toned, generally VF * MBE - Canada Gazette, CARO 5824, 30 Jun 1945 ** MiD - CARO 5324, 3 Feb 1945 *** ED - GO 335, Oct 1945 C.L. McGowan, from Winnipeg, began his military service with the University of Manitoba Contingent COTC, He was appointed Lt (COTC) 3 Oct 1926 and Capt (COTC) 3 Jan 1928, having earned both A and B COTC certificates. He was a keen officer and acquired qualification certificates in various subjects including visual telegraphy, small arms instructor, and proficiency in riding from 1928-31. He was attached to A Coy, PPCLI for the summer of 1931. He was appointed 2 Lt in 38th Fd Bty (Howitzer), RCA at Winnipeg on 7 Feb 1936, a component of 5th Field Brigade, RCA, and was promoted Lt on 7 Feb 1937, having completed the necessary promotion exams. He qualified as Captain , Arty (Mobile) in 1938. The published record of war time service is spotty and more research is required. However, by 1941, he was on active service and was appointed Capt and GSO(3) at No 10 District Depot at Winnipeg on 15 Apr 1941, an appointment he held until 26 Jul 1942. He attended and passed the 4th Canadian War Staff Course at RMC, Kingston in 1942. [One classmate was Maj B.M. Hoffmeister, Seaforths, later Maj Gen, GOC 5th Cdn Armd Div.] He was subsequently posted overseas and appointed a staff officer in HQ 4th Cdn Armd Div. In the latter role, he was Mentioned in Despatches for services in NW Europe in Feb 1945 and appointed a Member of the Orderof the British Empire in Jun 1945: This officer has been Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General of 4 Canadian Armoured Division throughout the whole of its operations in North West Europe until very recently when he was appointed Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General. He has proven himself an outstanding "A" officer, his work at all times being characterized by sound judgement, great ability, cheerfulness and unrelenting energy. He has always kept a sympathetic and careful eye on the state of discipline and morale and there can be no doubt that due to his vigilance and prompt action this formation has continued throughout its operations a well disciplined and happy fighting force. He has never spared himself to discharge his functions with accuracy and speedy effectiveness and at the same time with sympathy and mature understanding. The result his been one of immense value to this formation. Man and officer of this division know implicitly that they can count on unscrupulously [sic !] fair and sympathetic treatment from this headquarters. Moreover, the respect with which Major McGowan is known throughout the formation has been a constant source of strength in the handling of personal problems and in training of junior learners, staff officers and administrative officers of the services. Movement and traffic problems, which at times were onerous during the formation's rapid advance, were tackled by him with unfailing good judgement and effect. He thus contributed greatly to the success of this formation's advance. His ability and versatility he has proved often in his capacity to readily assume the "Q" functions of this headquarters and now, in the capacity of Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General, he is serving this formation with the same great ability and energy which marked his services as Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General. It can, without any doubt, be said of this officer that, through his great qualities of character, steadiness, and his eagerness to serve, he has been, and is, of immense value to this division and that he has contributed greatly to the efficient manner in which it has carried out its operations. Maj McGowan was demobilized and posted to the Reserve of Active Officers General List at No. 10 District Depot, Winnipeg on 21 Jan 1946. He had been an energetic and proficient staff officer in the HQ of a fighting Armoured Division. His work contributed materially to 4th Division's operational effectiveness and he was recognized accordingly. An outstanding wartime group to a long-service Militia officer. Sold with a quantity of photocopied extracts from various published Militia Orders, General Orders, Routine Orders and Defence Forces Lists.
$1450.  Catalog Number: 06/04

(2) Four: Miss Doris Young, SS St.J, comprising: 
    (a) Order of St. John, Serving Sister, 1st type (1892-1939), silver/en with raised details, rev eng Doris Young / 18.12.42; (b) Defence Medal, UK issue, unnamed; (c) 1939-45 War Medal, UK issue, unnamed; (d) Service Medal of the Order of St. John, 2nd type, silver w/ straight bar suspension, w/ four bars, 2nd type, hand eng 18113 L/D/ SUPT. D. YOUNG. ASHLEY NSG. DIV. No 5 DIS. S.J.A.B. 1938 [Lady Divisional Superintendent ...Ashley Nursing Division, No 5 District, St. JohnAmbulance Brigade] medals loose, silver medals toned, all generally GVF Sold with the original case for the SS St.J and two different ribbon bars. Doris Young was appointed Serving Sister on 27 Nov 1942, so date on the insignia probably is the date of presentation. The number "18113" on the Service Medal is the reference number for the award, not a service number of the recipient. Such naming ceased in 1942. Her WW II service and entitlement to the Defence and War Medal cannot be confirmed. Moreover, the accompanying ribbon bars include ribbon for only the Defence Medal in one case and the War Medal in the other! Miss Young was still listed as Serving Sister in the 1975 Roll of the Order. A good long service St. John group representing at least 35 years service from 1923 to ca.1958.
$725.  Catalog Number: 06/29

(4) Three plus: 128 Sgt William Benson, MM, 2nd Bde CFA, comprising: 
    (a) Military Medal, Geo V, 1st type, imp 128 SJT: W. BENSON. CAN: F.A., (b)(c) BWM, Vic, imp 128 A.B.Q.M.SJT. [Acting Battery Quartermaster Sergeant] W. BENSON. C.F.A. (d) Class B War Service Badge, silver, "Services Rendered", number C106121. Mounted as worn, orig ribbons frail, toned, some contact mks, otherwise VF * MM - London Gazette, 11 Feb 1919. William Benson, born at Lambeth, London, 25 May 1890, a woodworker by trade, attested to the CEF at Kingston, Ont on 10 Aug 1915. At that time he claimed previous service in C Bty, RCHA. He was appointed Sergeant upon attestation. He served overseas in 2nd Bde, CFA, a unit of 1st Division Artillery, and was awarded the MM in that unit. Sold with copy of his attestation paper from his NAC file. More research would be profitable.
$1450.  Catalog Number: 06/224

B - Early Groups    
(2) Two: 7690 Pte J. Parkinson, KRRC, comprising: 
    (a) QSA, 4 bars: CC, OFS, LAING'S NEK, BELFAST, imp in upright capitals, 7690 Pte J. Parkinson, K.R.R.C., and (b) KSA, 2 bars: SA 01, SA 02, named as above. Medals unmounted, suspenders a bit slack, lightly toned VF
$445.  Catalog Number: 10/49

C - WW I    
(3) Trio: S-400 Pte Henry G. Lovegrove, Rifle Brigade, comprising: 
    (a) 1914-15 Star, imp S-400 Pte H.G. Lovegrove. Rif: Brig; (b)(c) BWM, Vic: imp S-400 Pte H.G. Lovegrove. Rif. Brig. Medals unmounted, deeply toned, appear to have never been mounted or worn, thus NEF. Sold with enlarged copy of MIC, showing entry to France on 22 Jul 1915. 12th (Service) Bn, RB entered France on 22 Jul 1915.
$225.  Catalog Number: 08/242

(3A) Trio: 9566 Pte Thomas Froud, Rifle Brigade, comprising; 
    (a) 1914 Star, imp 9566 Pte T. Froud, 1/Rif: Brig. (b)(c) BWM, Vic: imp 9566 Pte. T. Froud, Rif. Brig. Medals unmounted, on pieces of orig ribbon, deeply toned NEF Thomas Froud, a Regular soldier with 1st Bn, Rifle Brigade, deployed to France, arriving at LeHavre, 21 Sep 1914. He was discharged, possibly on account of wounds, on 4 Jan 1916. He subsequently emigrated to Canada. Sold with a copy of his MIC and a contemporary Rifle Brigade cap badge (KK 705). A good "Old Contemptible" 1914 Star trio.
$300.  Catalog Number: 10/144

(4) Trio: 2200 Pte Thomas Quick, 1 & 3 London Regt [The Royal Fusiliers], comprising: 
    (a) 1914-15 Star, imp 2200 Pte T. Quick. 1/Lond.R.; (b)(c) BWM, Vic: imp 2200 Pte T. Quick. 3-Lond.R. Medals unmounted, deeply toned on lengths of original ribbon, appear to have never been mounted or worn, thus NEF. Sold with enlarged colour copy of both sides of MIC, showing entry to Balkans theatre on 13 Sep 1915. MIC also indicates service in the Labour Corps as 300146 Pte, and disembarkation UK on 10 Apr 1919. Further research would be profitable.
$240.  Catalog Number: 08/243

(5) Two: 2235305 Spr Victor Peter Jento, CRT, comprising: 
    (a) Victory, 2235305 Spr V.P. Jento, CRT; and (b)Coronation 1953, unnamed as issued. Victor Jento was born at Brockville 24 May 1895 and was a machinist by trade. He enlisted in the CEF at Ottawa 3 Feb 1917 in a draft for 2nd Bn, was sent to the UK with a reinforcement draft to the 6th Reserve Bn, arriving 7 Apr 1917. He was posted to 10th Bn, CRT and arrived in France 4 Jul 1917. He returned to Canada 25 Mar 1919 and was demobilized at Kingston 27 Mar 1919. Entitled to BWM. Sold with his remaining medals are photocopied extracts from his service file and original bestowal document for the 1953 Coronation Medal, to "Victor Peter Jento, Esquire", toned and trimmed for mounting at one time. Medals are toned, NEF.
$95.  Catalog Number: 99/163

(6A) Pair (BWM, Victory): 343814 Gnr. G.D.M. Fulton, CFA: 
    George Dorman Meredith Fulton, a native of Carleton Place, Ontario, was born there on 17 May 1894. A civil servant by profession, he attested for service in the CEF at Ottawa on 1 June 1916 at age 22 years. He was an original member of the 73rd Bty, CFA. Sold with a copy of his Attestation Paper from his LAC file.
$120.  Catalog Number: 08/272

(6B) Pair (BWM, Victory): 21135 Pte W.L. Coleman, 7-Can.Inf: 
    Medals unmounted, deeply toned, NEF Appears entitled to 1914-15 Star; not present. Walter Lewis Colemen was born at Shrewsbury, England on 20 Jan 1878. A member of the active militia, he attested for service in the CEF at Camp Valcartier on 23 Sep 1914, at age 36, becoming an original member of the 11th Bn. He served in France and Flanders with the 7th (1st British Columbia) Bn [ 2nd Bde, 1st Div]. He was killed in action on 24 April 1915 during the Second Battle of Ypres and is buried in Perth Cemetery (China Wall) near Ypres [Ieper] Belgium. Sold with a copy of his Attestation Paper from his LAC file and commemorative details from the CWGC.
$295.  Catalog Number: 10/74/1

(6D) Pair (BWM, Victory): 59142 Pte C.S. Carr, 21-Can.Inf: 
    Medals unmounted, deeply toned, NEF He may be entitled to the 1914-15 Star; not present. Cyrus Stewart Carr, was a native of Brockville, Ont, born 8 Oct 1893, a barber by trade. He attested for service in the CEF at Kingston on 11 Nov 1914, at age 21 years, becoming an original member of the 21st (Eastern Ontario) Bn [4th Bde, 2nd Div]. He died of wounds received in the Battles of the Somme on 20 September 1916 and is buried in Puchevillers British Cemetery, France. Sold with a copy of his Attestation Paper from his LAC file and CWGC burial details.
$295.  Catalog Number: 10/74/2

(7) Pair (BWM, Victory): 700860 Pte J. Duncan. 43-Can.Inf.: 
    Medals loose, some contact mks, generally GVF James Duncan, born Scotland 15 Apr 1876, attested at Winnipeg on 18 Jan 1916 at age 39, becoming an original member of the 101st Bn (WLI). He served in the field with 43rd Bn (Cameron Highlanders) [9th Bde, 3rd Div]. Note that the service number impressed on his BWM is "669121", being the number assigned to Pte Herbert Burnfield Duncan, who enlisted in the 166th Bn (QOR) at Toronto on 24 Jan 1916, also at the age of 39. The erroneous number on James Duncan's BWM is probably the result of their names being adjacent on the list used by the operator of the naming machine. Sold with copy of attestation paper from NAC web site.
$125.  Catalog Number: 06/07

(9) Pair (BWM, Victory): 25115 Pte E.J. Humm, Wilts Regt 
    Medals loose, EF Pte Edward John Humm served in the Mesopotamian theatre with 5th Bn, Wiltshire Regt (40 Bde, 13th Div). He died (KIA or DoW) 30 March 1917. British forces had captured Baghdad on 12 March and pursued withdrawing Turkish forces north up the River Tigris. Pte Humm was killed during this action, probably in the "affair of Duqma", from the name of a village 4 miles north of Mara and about 40 miles north of Baghdad. During this action, the British suffered 514 casualties of which 245 were in 40 Bde, with "the heaviest suffer being the Wiltshire with 197 casualties out of a strength of 500..." [Official History of the Great War - The Campaign in Mesopotamia 1914-1918, Vol II, 1925, London, HMSO, p. 293.] The MIC shows "died of wounds" but he has no known grave and probably was killed in action during the artillery exchanges. Pte Humm is commemorated on the Basra Memorial, Iraq. Sold with CWG details and MIC. A scarce Iraq casualty group.
$375.  Catalog Number: 08/153

(9A) Three: 57376 Pte Charles Howell, Royal Warwickshire Regt, comprising: 
    (a) (b) BWM, Victory, imp in upright capitals, 57376 Pte. C. Howell. R. War. R., (c) Birmingham tribute medal: gilt br, obv inscribed "The Great War 1914-1919 / Birmingham Peace Celebration" around arms of the city; rev depicts figure of the angle of peace and inscribed "Pax Victoris", unnamed, suspended on somewhat worn red, white & blue ribbon with gilt safety pin fastener. Service medals are lightly toned on original pieces of ribbon, appear never to have been mounted and generally NEF Accompanying documents indicate that Charles Howell was born in 1888,served in France with 1/8 Royal Warwicks, and was transferred to the Reserve from 3 Royal Warwicks on 1 March 1919. He subsequently emigrated to Canada and resided at Montreal. Sold with original certificate for donating blood at No. 12 CCS [Casualty Clearing Station] dated 7 Nov 1918, his original discharge certificate, Army Forms Z 21, original registered transmittal packet for his medals, including card box, now collapsed, and stamped envelop dated Oct 1921 sent to a Montreal address, and print-out of his MIC, confirming issue of his medals.
$195.  Catalog Number: 09/239/1

(9B) Pair plus three: 242321 Cpl Thomas Spencer, HLI, comprising: 
    (a)(b) BWM, Victory, imp in upright block capitals, 242321. Cpl. T. Spencer. H.L.I. Medals toned, on pieces of original ribbon, appear never to have been mounted, thus NEF Plus additional medallions: (c) School sports medallion, bzd, NSSA - Quarter Mile, rev eng T. Spencer 1906; (d) Nottingham Church of England Sunday School Assoc attendance medallion, bz, rev eng St. Faith's T. Spencer 1905, no mks; (e) Nottingham Church of England Sunday School Assoc attendance medallion, silver, rev eng S.[sic] Faith's T. Spencer 1907, sterling w/ HM WHH for Birmingham 1907. Photocopy of MIC shows he also served in the Labour Corps as No. 605756, probably in France & Flanders.
$145.  Catalog Number: 09/244

(9C) Pair: Capt John Hunter Rutherford, RAF, late RFC, comprising: 
    (a)(b) BWM, Victory, imp in upright capitals, Capt J.H. Rutherford, RAF. Medals toned on shards of original ribbons, generally GVF John Hunter Rutherford served originally in the London Regt, Territorial Force (2 Lt) and subsequently in the RFC and RAF. Sold with copy of MIC
$170.  Catalog Number: 10/173

D - WW II    
(1) Four: 1257503 LAC David Dixon, RAFVR, comprising: 
    (a) 1939-45 Star, (b) Burma Star, (c) Defence Medal, CuNi UK issue, (d) 1939-45 War Medal, CuNi UK issue Medals all unnamed as issued, professionally court mounted, generally NEF David Dixon, a Londoner, was born 7 Mar 1913, enlisted in the RAFVR 16 Jul 1940 and served until 12 Dec 1945. He served in the general duties branch, as a despatch rider, and spent 35 months in SEAC. Sold with his medals are several original documents, including his National Service card, RAF Service and Release Book, flying clothing card, Air Forces India Clothing Deficiencies card, Index Card, medal issue slip for the two Stars, and several snap shot photographs of him and friends in theatre, on motorcycles, etc. A good SEAC RAF ground crew group with documentation.
$175.  Catalog Number: 08/133

(2) Two: V 78665 CPO B.J. Davis, RCNR, comprising: 
    (a) CVSM, imp in upright block capitals, V 78665. C/PO B.J. Davis. R.C.N./R/, and (b) 1939-45 War Medal, silver Cdn issue, imp in upright block capitals, V 78665 C/PO B J Davis RCN/R/ Medals are swing mounted as worn, clean and generally VF Although naming appears to be official, there is a difference between the two in the use of full stops, as indicated in the description above. Also in the CVSM, the "N" in RCN is an over-struck corrected "M". The type of impressed naming is consistent with that used on long service medals such as the RCNVR LSGC. See item 09/02 above. A most unusual ordinary pair, with impressed naming. Fully researchable.
$175.  Catalog Number: 09/239/2

F - Long Service    
(1) Two: Maj Allan Cameron McFee, VD, 15th Regt (Argyll L.I.), comprising: 
    (a) Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers Decoration, Geo VI (GRI), eng Capt A.C. McFee, 15th Regt, and (b) Colonial Auxiliary Forces LSGC Medal, Geo V, imp Capt A.C.McFee, Argyll L.I.. * Medal awarded in GO 65/1926, Decoration in GO 45/1938 Medals mounted on bar, lightly toned GVF Allan Cameron McFee, born at Belleville, Ont, 11 Aug 1876, was a civil servant in the Dept of Inland Revenue by profession. He served in the ranks of the 15th Regt (Argyll Light Infantry) for 10 years and was commission Lieutenant on 30 June 1905 and was promoted to Captain on 8 May 1909. He enlisted in the CEF at age 40 on 4 Mar 1916, in the 155th (Quinte) Bn and was promoted Major on 27 Jun 1916. The unit sailed to the UK in Oct 1916. He was posted to the 6th Res Bn (EOR) [Eastern Ontario Regt] on 31 Jan 1917 and in Aug 1917 to the EOR Depot. He was subsequently transferred to the Canadian Forestry Corps in Sep 1917, but suffering from "chronic hypertrophic laryngitis", he returned to Canada on 214 Sep 1917 for discharge. He returned to government service at Belleville, later serving as Chief Excise Officer. He subsequently transferred to Ottawa and then Toronto, where he retired. He died at Toronto at age 87 in Aug 1963. Entitled to the British War Medal (not present). Sold with the medals are copies of selected entries in the Militia List, the General Orders awarding medals, his CEF service file and obituary notice. A good long service Militia officer's pair.
$995.  Catalog Number: 05/62

(2) Seven: Lt Col Howard Barlow Bustin, ED, RCAMC, comprising: 
    (a)(b) BWM, Vic: imp 2341372 Cpl H.B. Bustin, C.G.A.; (c) Defence Medal, silver Cdn issue, unnamed as issued; (d) CVSM w/ overseas clasp, unnamed as issued; (e) 1939-45 War Medal, silver Cdn issue, unnamed as issued; (f) 1935 Junilee Medal, unnamed as issued; and (g) Efficiency Decoration, GRI, w/ CANADA suspension bar, eng Lt-Col H.B. Bustin. Medals unmounted, appear never to have been mounted and worn, deeply toned, except ED virtually mint apart from toned Canada bar, generally NEF * ED awarded in GO 111 1943 Howard B. Bustin was born at St. John, NB on 1 Jul 1898. He served in the 62nd Regt (St. John Fus) as a signaller for one year before attending McGill University, where he was a member of the McGill COTC contingent. At age 18, he attested for service in the CEF in the McGill Siege Arty Draft on 9 May 1917 and was appointed Corporal. He arrived in the UK on 5 Jul 1917 and was posted to 13th Siege Bty, later redesignated 10th Siege Bty [3rd Bde CGA, Cdn Corps Heavy Arty]. He served throughout the remainder of the war with that unit, returning to UK on 6 Apr 1919, thence to Canada 3 May 1919 and was demobilized at St. John on 10 May 1919. He resumed his studies at McGill, graduating with a BA degree in 1921, followed by an MD and CM in 1924 and later DPH from U of Toronto in 1935. Professionally, he was a general practitioner from 1925-34, 2 years at Port Elgin and 7 years at Fairville, NB. From 1934-39, he was Assistant Health Inspector for New Brunwick for the provincial Dept of Public Health. Concurrently, he joined the Militia and was appointed Provisional Lt in 14 Fd Ambulance, RCAMC on 11 May 1926, was Lt on 29 Jun 1927, Capt on 21 Jun 1929 and Maj on 1 Dec 1937. He was mobilized with 14 Fd Amb (CASF) as Major on 3 Sep 1939. He filled several temporary attachments in New Brunswick and was promoted A/ Lt Col to command No. 2 Convalescent Depot on 15 Mar 1942 and was confirmed in rank as Lt Col, RCAMC (Gen List) on 15 Sep 1942. He disembarked in the UK on 28 Jul 1943 and served the remainder of the war in the UK in various medical appointments including President of the Standing Medical Board. He returned to Canada on 4 Sep 1945 and was demobilized and posted to the Reserve of Active Officers on 7 Nov 1945. In the post-war period, He was recalled to Militia service from Sep 1951 until Sep 1958, serving in several medical appointments. He was employed by the Dept of Veterans Affairs and served as pension and medical examiner for New Brunswick until his retirement in 1965. Dr Bustin died at St. John 21 Jun 1968 and is buried in Fernhill Cemetery, St. John, NB. Sold with a large file comprising details from his NAC service file, copies of newspaper mentions and his obituary, copies of General and Routine Orders entries for appointments, promotions, etc. A fine long service two-war medical officer's group to an esteemed New Brunswick physician with much research.
$1125.  Catalog Number: 08/254

(3) Four (plus): Maj Robert G. Pickrell, ED, Wpg Gren & Inspector CNR Police, comprising: 
    (a) CVSM, unnamed as issued; (b) 1939-45 War Medal, unnamed as issued; (c) Efficiency Decoration, GRI, w/ CANADA suspender, Capt R.C. [sic] Pickrell; and (d) Cdn Assoc of Chiefs of Police, Police Service Medal, w/ bar, rev eng Awarded by "CN to R.G. Pickrell 1960" and numbered "153". [awarded for 20 years service; replaced in 1983 by the Police ESM.] Medals are unmounted, toned, EF * ED awarded in GO 98 1945 Bob Pickrell, a veteran of WW I, long service Militia officer and CNR Policeman was a champion pistol shot and war-time small arms instructor. His WW I medals and the great majority of his shooting prizes were given away in his lifetime. What remains stands as testimony to the professional life of this remarkable Canadian. Robert Pickrell was born at Guildford, England ca. 1896. He served in WW I in the Army and was commissioned in the RFC/RAF. After the war, he emigrated to Canada, and joined the CNR Police at Winnipeg. He took up competitive pistol shooting in 1927, winning the US Novice Revolver and Canadian Senior Revolver, Pistol and Rapid Fire Championships in 1928. He won the Canadian Senior Revolver, Pistol and Rapid Fire Championships every year thereafter from 1929 to 1939. During the same period he won all the US senior titles for pistol and revolver shooting at least once, and in 1935 he won the Scottish Pistol Championship at St. Andrews, the British Empire Revolver Championship at Birmingham and tied for the World Revolver Championship at Rome. He was Captain of both the Canadian International Pistol Team and Canadian Team in the British Empire Pistol Match from 1936-41. When he retired from competitive shooting, he held three world and four British Empire records for revolver shooting, and all Canadian records for pistol and revolver shooting. He enlisted in the Winnipeg Grenadiers, and was commissioned 2nd Lt on 15 Sep 1929, was promoted Captain on 2 Nov 1933 and earned a Machine-Gun certificate in 1936. His active service in WW II was entirely in Canada. He was appointed Acting Major on 14 Feb 1942, and promoted to Major on 31 Jul 1942. He was posted from his regiment to 11 District Depot on 21 Jun 1943 and thence to S3 Canadian Small Arms School (Staff) on 27 Nov 1943. He reverted to the rank of Captain at his own request and was seconded to the "I.B of UK & C." [Instructional Battalion of the United Kingdom & Canada?] from 21 April 1944 until 31 Dec 1945, on posting to No. 10 District Depot. Capt (T/Maj) R.G. Pickrell was struck off strength of 10 DD and placed on the Retired List with the rank of Major on 16 Jan 1946. Bob Pickrell retired from the CNR Police in 1961 and moved to Burnaby, BC. He died at Burnaby 18 Jan 1979 and is buried there at Ocean View Cemetery. The following additional items accompany his medals: (e) heavy sterling silver plaque, 36x50 mm; obv bears bust of Henry Birks & dates 1840-1928; rev eng "Record of Indoor Season 1930 won by R.G. Pickrell Score 187", toned; (f) gilt sterling pistol medallion HM JRG&S[Gaunt] for Birmingham 1930, rev engr "Canadian Open Police Championship 1930 Presented by Canadian Industries Limited Dominion Ammunition Division"; (g) gilt pistol shooting medallion, plain rev imp "Championship won by 1938" with gilt chain, likely worn as a watch fob; (h) prize spoon, w/ sterling/en badge "Dominion of Canada Rifle Assn / Special", by A.C. Brown, sterling; (i) sterling silver membership "card", 98x59 mm, engr, "Canadian National Rifle & Revolver Assn / Winnipeg - Canada / This is to Certify / That Major R.G. Pickrell / has been awarded / Honorary Life Membership / March 8th 1946 / [number] 165 C.D. French / Secretary Treasurer"; (j) bullion embr blazer badge "Canada / maple leaf / Rome 1935" as worn for the World Championship that year; (k) booklet, 13 pp, The Use and Care of Firearms by Major R.G. Pickrell, ED, International Revolver Champion, Inspector of Investigation Canadian National Railways. (l) plaque (shooting trophy), wooden shield approx 24x25 cm (9 ½ x 9 3/4 in) w/ bzd metal device inscribed, "Winnipeg Revolver Assn / 1933 / Rapid Fire Champion", w/ additional small shield plate inscribed "Won by Capt R.G. Pickrell". This trophy is seen in accompanying photo of shooting prizes, etc. Sold with the group and additional artefacts are a number of scans of contemporary clippings and photographs of Bob Pickrell and his array of trophies, including one showing the blazer badge above in wear and prize plaque, and photocopied extracts from various Militia/Army Orders and Lists outlining his military service. This is an outstanding group of medals and associated artefacts to a long service Police and Militia Officer who was the "Mr Pistol" of his time. Much more research potential. Also available, but sold separately are two revolvers (deactivated and de-registered).
$1100.  Catalog Number: 04/338

(4) Six: 121140 Gnr / L22001 WO II (RQMS) David L. Sneddon, RCCS, late RA, comprising: 
    (a)(b) BWM, Victory, imp in small block capitals 121140 Gnr. D.L. Snaddon [sic], R.A., (c)(d)(e) Defence Medal, CVSM w/ overseas bar, 1939-45 War Medal, all Cdn issue silver, unnamed as issued, and (f) Cdn Efficiency Medal, Geo V, w/ 2 additional bars, imp in large block capitals, L22001 C.Q.M.S. D.L. Sneddon, R.C.C.S. (NP). Medals are professionally court-mounted, gen VF * Efficiency Medal awarded in GO 42/1938, p. 16 - CQMS, 12 District Signals ** 1st clasp awarded in GO 352/1943, p. 13 - WO II (RQMS), 12 DD (CA) *** 2nd clasp awarded in GO 70/1945, p. 11 - WO II (RQMS), CIC David Sneddon served in the Royal Artillery in WW I, emigrated to Canada and apparently resided at Regina, where he served in the Militia in 12 District Deport Signals. On the outbreak of WW II, he attested for active service, and his number, L22001, was the first of the block of Active Service numbers allocated to 12 District Depot. [See, Law, Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army 1936-1960, p. 51.] Sold with photocopy of MIC for his WW I service and copies of the General Orders entries for his Efficiency Medal and clasps. A good two-war long service group, for which further research would be profitable.
$495.  Catalog Number: 08/168

(5) Four: V9206 A/EA 4 cl D.R. Scott, RCNVR, comprising: 
    (a) 1939-45 Star, (b) CVSM w/ overseas bar, (c) 1939-45 War Medal, silver Cdn issue, all unnamed as issued, (d) RCNVR LSGC Medal, Geo VI, coinage profile (1937-48), imp D.R. Scott A/E.A. 4 cl. V9206 R.C.N.V.R. Medals bright, lacquered and court mounted by Spink, gen VF This pattern of awards was common among crews of minesweepers operating inshore at Halifax and other defences. Research would be profitable. Blatherwick says approx 582 RCNVR LSGC Medals awarded between 1938 and end 1945. A scarce and very desirable RCNVR group.
$1,650.  Catalog Number: 09/02

(6) Five: Cpl T.D. Simpson, Cdn Forces, comprising: 
    (a) Special Svc Medal, 1 bar ALERT, unnamed as issued, (b) Cdn Peacekeeping Svc Medal, unnamed as issued, (c) UN Service Medal for UNDOF (Golan Heights), w/ fig. "2" device, unnamed as issued. (d) EIIR Golden Jubilee 2002, unnamed as issued, and (e) Cdn Forces Decoration, EIIR, w/ 2nd award bar, eng Cpl T.D. Simpson. Medals are professionally court-mounted as worn, generally NEF Preliminary research has yielded no info. However, the combination of medals indicates that Simpson probably was a CELE trade and held higher rank on retirement. A good modern group for which more research would be profitable.
$495.  Catalog Number: 09/136