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On this page you are presented with a list of all the item titles available in the Sub-Section C - WW I. When you select one of the titles you will be presented with the items under that title.

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Medals in Groups
C - WW I

•(3) Trio: S-400 Pte Henry G. Lovegrove, Rifle Brigade, comprising:
•(3A) Trio: 9566 Pte Thomas Froud, Rifle Brigade, comprising;
•(4) Trio: 2200 Pte Thomas Quick, 1 & 3 London Regt [The Royal Fusiliers], comprising:
•(5) Two: 2235305 Spr Victor Peter Jento, CRT, comprising:
•(6A) Pair (BWM, Victory): 343814 Gnr. G.D.M. Fulton, CFA:
•(6B) Pair (BWM, Victory): 21135 Pte W.L. Coleman, 7-Can.Inf:
•(6D) Pair (BWM, Victory): 59142 Pte C.S. Carr, 21-Can.Inf:
•(7) Pair (BWM, Victory): 700860 Pte J. Duncan. 43-Can.Inf.:
•(9) Pair (BWM, Victory): 25115 Pte E.J. Humm, Wilts Regt
•(9A) Three: 57376 Pte Charles Howell, Royal Warwickshire Regt, comprising:
•(9B) Pair plus three: 242321 Cpl Thomas Spencer, HLI, comprising:
•(9C) Pair: Capt John Hunter Rutherford, RAF, late RFC, comprising: