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The listings on this web site supplement those in our series of paper catalogues, including listings of small items such as rank badges and buttons. At present, we publish an annual catalogue programme of at least 3 different topical catalogues generally comprising one of each of the following series:

   •100 Series: Medals and Militaria, including medals and decorations, arms, uniforms, headdress, accoutrements, general militaria, etc.;
   •200 Series: Badges & Insignia of all types, primarily Canadian, but including world-wide insignia of all types, especially airborne forces and "wings"; and
   •300 Series: Paper Militaria, including books, pamphlets, periodicals, prints, maps, documents; or
   •900 Series: Special thematic lists published as required.

However, beginning in 2001, we are considering changing to an annual series of catalogues of mixed material, each containing lists of something for everyone, with at least four issues per year. Subscribers' views are welcome.

The annual (calendar year) subscription rate is as follows: $C10. to Canadian addresses, or $US10. to United States addresses, or $US20. to addresses abroad. However, any purchase from any catalogue during the year automatically generates a FREE subscription to the following year's issues. Your subscription expiry date is noted on the address label of the catalogue mailing envelope.

In addition, samples of any current catalogues are available at any time, subject to availability, at the special price of $C5. to Canadian addresses or $US5. to addresses abroad.

Subject to stock remaining unsold and until superseded by new issues of each series:

   •No. 107 - Arms, Medals & Militaria.
   •No. 207-A - Badges & Insignia (out of print)
   •No. 207-B - more Badges & Insignia (out of print)
   •No. 304 - Paper Militaria
   •No. 902 - Buttons (out of print)

   •No. 208 -Badges & Insignia (mid 2000)